Publications from the 1280-HR Lab


Conference Abstracts from Cameca 1280-HR

Drivenes, K., Larsen, R.B., Müller, A., Sorensen, B.E., Wiedenbeck, M., Raanes, M.P. (2014) Quartz-tourmaline orbicules: Record of magmatic melt immiscibility in the Land’s End granite, SW England.  EGU, Vienna, Austira. <Download Abstract> <Download Poster 10.4 MB>

Farber, K., Dziggel, A., Meyer, F.M., Trumbull, R.B., Wiedenbeck, M. (2014)  B-isotope study of hydrothermal tourmaline in silicified komatiites from the Barberton Greenstone Belt, South Africa. Meeting of the International Mineralogical Association, Johannesburg, South Africa. <Download Abstract> <Download Talk 2.5 MB>

Ramsey, M.H., Wiedenbeck, M. (2015) Characterizing isotopic homogeneity of candidate Reference Materials at the picogram sampling scale. Geoanalysis, Leoben, Austria. <Download Abstract>

Renno, A.D., Wiedenbeck, M. (2015) Seconeary Ion Mass Spectrometry: Top-end analytical infrastructure within the Helmholtz Association. Solar System II, Berlin, Germany. <Download Abstract> <Download Poster>

Rocholl, A., Wiedenbeck, M., Trumbull, R., Couffignal, F., Gylnn, S., Kidane, A. (2014) The GFZ Potsdam 1280-HR SIMS Laboratory – Current State. Meeting of the German Mineralogical Association, Jena, Germany. <Download Abstract> <Download Poster 1.9 MB>

Rocholl, A., Wiedenbeck, M., Couffignal, F., Glynn, S., Kidane, A., Alonso-Perez, R. (2015) The microanalytical Reference Material programme at the Potsdam SIMS Laboratory. Geoanalysis, Leoben, Austria. <Download Abstract>

Słodczyk, E., Pietranik, A., Breitkreuz, C. (2014) Zircon from Polish Lowland rhyolites as a fingerprint of magma processes and sources in eastern margin of Central European LIP. Goldschmidt, Sacramento, USA. <Download Abstract> <Download Poster 3.1 MB>

Słodczyk, E., Pietranik, A., Breitkreuz, C., Glynn S., Wiedenbeck M., Rhede D. (2014) Different magma sources recorded across the Polish Lodand based on d18O in zircon. 21st Meeting of the Petrology Group of the Mineralogical Society of Poland, Wrocław, Poland. <Downlaod Abstract> <Download Poster 1.1 MB> <Download Student Award>

Sun, Y., Joachimski, M., Wiedenbeck, M. (2015) Gem-quality apatite as reference material for oxygen isotope analysis of biogenic apatite by the secondary ion mass spectrometry. Goldschmidt, Prague, Czech Republic. <Download Abstract>

Velasco-Acebes, J., Tornos, F. Kidane, A., Wiedenbeck, M., Velasco, F. (2015) Strontium and sulfur isotopes reveal the complex evolution of the Sotiel-Migollas VMS deposit (Iberian Pyrite Belt). Goldslchmidt, Prague, Czech Republic. <Downlaod Abstract>

Velasco-Acebes, J., Tornos, F., Kidane, A., Wiedenbeck, M., Velasco, F. (2015) Micro-scale d34S changes track complex biogenic sulfate reduction in the VMS deposits of the Iberian Pyrite Belt. SGA, Nancy, France. <Download Abstract>

Wiedenbeck, M. (2015) Isotope Reference Materials: A weak link in solid state microanalysis. 14th International Symposium on Biological and Environmental Reference Materials, National Harbor, USA. <Download Abstract>

Wiedenbeck, M., Couffignal, F., Glynn, S., Kidane, A., Rocholl, A., Trumbull, R. (2015) Performance capabilities of the Cameca 1280-HR SIMS instrument. Geoanalysis, Leoben, Austria. <Download Abstract>


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Publications from the 6f Laboratory (1999-2014)

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