Completed Projects

Those projects which have been completed but are yet to appear in the scientific literature are listed below.  Please see the publications section of this web site in order to get a full list of all projects which have been completed through to the point of a published manuscript.

Volatile and trace element systematics of olivine hosted meld inclusions, Argentina
Frederik Brandt, Copenhagen <feb(at)>
Paul Holm, Copoenhagen <paulmh(at)>
Thor Hansteen, Kiel <thansteen(at)>
Status: SIMS component completed July 2015, manuscript delayed

Geochronological constraints of the evolution in the Vesser area, Thüringen, Germany
Jochen Rötzler, Potsdam <rtzlr(at)>
Status: SIMS measurements completed October 2015, failed to publish

Evidence for Archean life (3.3-3-4 Ga) in silica filled cavities, Berberton Greenston Belt
Donald Lowe, Stanford <drlowe(at)>
Nadja Drabon, Stanford <drabon(at)>
Status: SIMS component completed May 2016, manuscript submitted



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