Completed Projects

Those projects which have been completed but are yet to appear in the scientific literatuare are listed below.  Please see the publications section of this web site in order to get a full list of all projects which have been completed through to the point of a published manuscript.

Chemical and boron isotopic composition of tourmaline from the Land’s End granite, SW England: Implications for orbicule formation
Kristian Drivenes <kristian.drivenes(at)>
Axel Müller <axel.muller(at)>
Rune Larson <Rune.larsen(at)>
Status: Project completed April 2014, manuscript accepted for publication

Exploring for gold in the Senegal-Mali Shear Zone
James Lambert-Smith <J.Lambert-Smith(at)>
David Lawrence <David.Lawrence(at)>
Andrew Rankin <rankinah(at)>
Status: Project completed May 2014, manuscript in preparation

Processes of hydrothermal alteration in the Archaean oceanic crust
Katja Farber <farber(at)>
Annika Dziggel <adziggel(at)>
Michael Meyer <m.meyer(at)>
Status: Project completed March 2014, manuscript submitted

Boron source of tourmaline associated with Au mineralisation in the Twangiza-Namoya Gold Belt (eastern DRC)
Steffen Büttner <s.buettner(at)>
Status: Project completed June 2104, mansuscript in preparation

Evolution of hybrid magmas of North Su Volcano, Manus Basin
Andreas Klügel, Bremen <akluegel(at)>
Wolfgang Bach, Bremen <wbach(at)>
Status: Project completed September 2014, manuscript in preparation


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